This model offers you to represent Heritage Cyberworld to market our products, services and security solution capabilities to your clients or anywhere in the world. You get commission for every successful client requirement closure.


  • You need to have personal blog or website that will be used for marketing or representing our services and products.
  • Your excellent reputation (online or offline) is always preferred.
  • Higher Preference will be given to a company or individual who can build rapport within network and can build trust in the business.
  • Heritage Cyberworld does not entertain webmaster who practice black hat SEO or spamming.Marketing Practice should be decent on the web.


  • Ensuring us that our banners and links are not placed on the webpage or post that are irrelevant to our product, service or technology.
  • Ensuring us that no false or over commitment is made as far as word of mouth publicity is concerned. The company is not responsible to entertain such things or whatsoever unrealistic promises made.
  • You should inform the company about your online marketing campaign.
  • If you market our brand through email campaigns, the facts and figures of content about our services/products should be approved by Heritage Cyberworld team.


  • Variable commission on every client requirement closed successfully.
  • We provide you with banners, texts, links and other connections that drive traffic to your websites.
  • Other than internet, you can use your personal contacts to generate leads.
  • No technology knowledge is required.We provide your staff training as and when required.


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