In this model, Our Team work with you in joint ownership mode for every client requirements. You will serve as front-end marketing and sales group and we will serve as back-end security outsourcing group to the clients for all requirements.


  • Your company credibility and experience in the Information Security industry is preferred.
  • You Need to have premises with proper infrastructure.
  • Your team should have ability and experience to drive sales and marketing initiatives and run campaigns on your own.


  • Jointly own the respective territory for sales and marketing working with Heritage Cyberworld.
  • Taking initiatives to run aggressive marketing campaigns and sales activities.
  • You need to maintain and enhance the reputation of the brand.


  • An immediate value of ‘brand’ Heritage Cyberworld helps you sustain and even top the market.
  • Completely represent the renowned info security brand Heritage Cyberworld in your territory.
  • You need not to invest your money into marketing and sales initiatives. Expenses for marketing etc. are shared with IndiaNIC.
  • Support of Heritage Cyberworld team will always be with you.
  • We also help you to develop robust infrastructure.


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