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Heritage Cyberworld is India's leading cyber defense and digital forensics firm. We are dedicated specialists, led by ex-law enforcement personnel, to make India Cyber-safe. The company specializes in providing end-to-end risk management and fraud prevention services.

Forensics Investigation

Forensic Investigations and Intelligence has taken the place of Heritage Cyberworld. Our services have changed in response to our client's requirements, as seen by the transformation. Clients benefit from our expert forensic investigators and analysts worldwide access.

Techno Legal Services

Personal/Company Data Protection, POSH, Forensic Audit, Document Analysis & Authentication, Internal Data Theft Investigation, and Intellectual Property (IP) Theft Investigation are some of the services offered by Heritage Cyberworld's techno legal consultation.

Risk Management & Fraud Prevention

The Fraud Risk Management services offered by Heritage Cyberworld are designed to assist clients in preventing, detecting, and responding to fraud and misconduct risks. We accomplish this through collaborating with our clients to develop, administer, and assess ethical and compliance.

Dark Web Intelligence

The knowledge allows Heritage Cyberworld to provide true, actionable data on your customers' compromised accounts before they are attacked. Our Cyber professional security and intelligence analysts are buried and speak in a multitude of languages, providing a crucial layer of human insight.

Cyber Security

Heritage Cyberworld's cyber security services include Gap Analysis, Vulnerability Assessment, System Hardening, and Security Audit. Our procedures are dictated by the external security compliance criteria that your company must meet. Internal and external auditors are commonly involved in the cyber security service we provide.

Drone Service

Our drone services are the greatest you'll ever find. We are a highly developed organization with inhouse R&D, design, software, services, and training operations, providing outstanding end-to-end solutions for various drone requirements in multiple sectors. We are constantly innovating and experimenting with delivering better performance.

Our Service area

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Computers, networks, or applications are scanned for weaknesses. In simple language, these scanners are used to find weaknesses in a given system.


Drones have become an important part of the railway surveillance and monitoring system. They provide detailed information on the technical condition of the investigated object.


IOT devices are connected to the IoT system by using their IP addresses, as well as actuators, which allow them to act based on their own sensors and network data.


In smart cities, IOT products and services contribute to improving infrastructure, improving the environment, and digitally optimizing public assets.


Develop mobile applications to run on any mobile platform: Android and iOS With all the information you need available whenever you need it, you can track inventory or make instant updates on the go.


Media companies are encouraged to run a node on the Content Blockchain to demonstrate their support for the network.

Security Audit

The purpose of a security audit is to protect critical data, identify security loopholes, create new security policies. Audits can be used to ensure employees adhere to security practices and catch new vulnerabilities.

Cyber Crime Investigation

Our cybercrime investigators are computer science professionals who know not only how to deal with software, file systems, and operating systems.

Cyber Forensic

Cyber Forensic is an investigation into, analysis of, and recovery of forensic data for digital proof of a crime is our main work to do.


Qualitative Points of How

  • Managed Web Application
  • SIEM Threat Detection
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Website Hack Repair
  • Identify Gap Analysis
  • Get Security Audit
  • 24/7 Support
  • Instant Malware Removal


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